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Are you looking for military meals ready to eat (MREs) for sale? Do not purchase MREs from anyone who would sell you Ebay mres since they are not putting the customer first. Keep reading and find out why. After conducting extensive research on many web sites and cross referencing reviews on where to buy the best mres for sale, this researcher has found the Ameriqual Apack mres and the Sopakco mres to be the most liked brands of all the "made for civilians" military meals ready to eat for sale. The Ready Store was found to be the most discount, trusted, and preferred place that answers the question about where to buy mres. The Ameriqual and Sopakco MREs do not contain chemicals and perservatives that are used in some other brands to extend the shelf life. This is important if you desire healthier food and especially if you want to have MREs for long term food storage purposes.

From The Ready Store you can obtain the much loved Ameriqual APack MREs, and these are just as good as the twelve pack Sopakco mre package that comes with or without heaters so you can enjoy them hot or cold depending on your preference. But the most satisfied connoisseurs of this kind of food buy MRE meals through the purchase of Ameriqual APack MRES which have a heater included or they buy the Sure-Pak 12 Genuine GI US Military MRE Complete Meals w/Heater because hot/warm food tastes best. This package of twelve has a four or five star rating for customer satisfaction and the SurePak 12 MRE's - Meals ready to eat - 12 Case Order (144 meals) has a four or five star rating also. You can obtain the Ameriqual APack mres in greater quantity also to save even more money and buy cheap but not wholesale mres. You need to be a dealer to purchase wholesale meals ready to eat for sale.

Should you buy mre meals on Ebay? This researcher has found countless warnings on a number of web sites and forums about purchasing cheap mres for sale on Ebay since the older and less desirable the mre, the cheaper the mre purchase price will be. If you buy military mre online from Ebay, you are buying an item with ONLY a "packed date" and "inspection date" on it so there is no way to know for sure how fresh and edible the MRE purchase will be since there is no clear expiration date on the MREs and therefore you have no sure knowledge about what hot place they may have been stored in. If you buy MRE meals for sale from Ebay sellers you are not certain about the conditions under which those MRE meals for sale were stored. They could have sat for many months in the hot Louisiana sun after they were shipped to the hurricane Katrina victims. Their shelf life diminishes greatly in the heat so it is safer to get them new from a reputable source rather than purchase cheap mres for sale on Ebay and take a big risk.

When you make an Ameriqual purchase from The Ready Store or even a Sopakco mre purchase you are getting the best price on mres which incidently are made by the largest military supplier of mres in the case of Ameriqual and the oldest contract supplier of mres to the U.S. military in the case of Sopakco. So you know for sure you are getting the best made MREs. Reviewers who used to be in the military have said that both the Ameriqual brand and also the Sopakco brand comes closest to tasting like the MREs that they had eaten in the military. So these comments carry lots of weight since they come from veterans who ate the best military MREs.

There are some other brands out there but they are not liked as well as the Ameriqual ready to eat meals and the Sopakco mres. The names of these other brands of mre meals for sale are Wornick Eversafe's mres, Menu C mres, and MREStar's mres. On this site the editor will be reviewing these other brands in the future so please look for these reviews, but for now you can save time and not be disappointed when you buy mre meals from the Ready Store made by Ameriqual Foods in their civilian APacks brand. You can purchase up to a six month supply of Ameriqual MREs from the Ready Store or you can purchase the Sopakco brand in the Sure-pak 12 package order or the 12 case order option also.

If you want to buy mre meals for camping then stick with just an mre purchase, but if you are purchasing for survival reasons and for emergency food storage then you can break up the future menu monotony by adding freeze-dried food to your survival food storage plans. First produced for the U.S. Military and NASA, freeze-dried food has some advantages over frozen and also dehydrated foods. While frozen foods keep their flavor and nutritional value, they require a low temperature storage environment. Both dehydrated and canned foods are shelf-stable, but they lose flavor, texture and nutrition. Freeze dry food encompasses the very best of benefits by retaining freshness, color, and aroma, at the same time being completely shelf-stable and space saving. But unlike miltary mre meals which are totally self-contained and require no water, freeze-dried food does require water so please have a Berkey water filter stored with your freeze dried food to guarantee yourself safe water and food insurance for your future.

Buy military MRE meals for sure, but while you are shopping pick up freeze-dried food that is made by Mountain House™ or Saratoga Farms™. Out of all the extensive research this editor did on reviews about freeze-dried food the wide variety of Saratoga Farms™ freeze-dried good packages and also the Mountain House brand got four and five star ratings from customers. These brands of freeze-dried food last up to 25 years for the best in emergency food storage preparedness, while the mre meals will last 5 to 10 years depending on how they are stored.

So when you buy mre meals for sale from The Ready Store, you can also make a purchase of freeze-dried food so that both you and your family are protected from whatever it is you are protecting yourself and your family from. Natural disasters are making the storage of food and water in a disaster proof safe room one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family. Now is the time to prepare and looking for military meals ready to eat for sale using our reviews puts you miles ahead of other people less fortunate.





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Natick Labs Cooking Up Tastier, Healthier MREs For Troops
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